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The 2013 update is on the way, in the meantime you can always go to to my blog for the most current astrological and Human Design transit updates. You can also read in the section below what I wrote in 2011-12 and decide for yourself how accurate my forecasts are.

Listen to my interview on Dena DeCastro's Evolutions of Astrology on the  Astro/HD transits from April till late September.

Listen to my interview on Chris Flisher's Turning of the Wheel about Human Design.

2012: The Pluto/Uranus square, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio.
Jupiter in Gemini beginning June 2012
I think Jupiter coming into Gemini is very interesting especially in light of the coming presidential election cycle. Jupiter brings with it the energy of expansion magnifying whatever it touches. Gemini is the sign of communication, cognition, counting and all things local. Traditionally Jupiter is it's opposite sign or detriment when it comes into Gemini so we are looking at the possibilities of information overload, not being able to make sense of the information that comes in, only looking at the grand picture and thereby missing crucial details, talking without listening and a certain tendency toward exaggeration and not telling the truth. Certainly with the election cycle I would expect that there will be even less emphasis on the messages being fact-checked and both parties taking extreme liberties with the truth in the pursuit of a slogan or idea that captures the imagination and votes of the majority of people listening. One question is whether we will be buying a bill of goods that later turns out to be much less than we thought it was initially. In the stock market Jupiter entering Gemini tends to mark a time when the market makes several up ticks and may even hit a new all-time high but also marks the beginning of a several-year downturn bear market that is likely to last while Jupiter travels through Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. On the positive side Jupiter in Gemini encourages us to expand our thinking and philosophy, make new contacts within our own community and outside our usual group of associations and go outside the box. Just remember no matter what anyone else tells you 2 + 2 still equals 4. For those who have a personal planet like Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in Gemini this will mark a time of new opportunities opening up just remember that with Jupiter is also the invitation to excess so if you try to grab every opportunity that comes your way you will certainly end up overextended and exhausted. Choose wisely and perhaps not the very first thing that comes your way but do choose. Choose to grow.

Saturn in Scorpio beginning Oct 5, 2012
Early Oct 2012 Saturn the wise grandmother and teacher finished up her 2 1/2 year examination in Libra. Defining ourselves in our relationships and making sure that they are fair and equal, that we are getting as good as we are giving and vice versa. Concentrating on working cooperative relationships and the ways the generations can work with and respect each other were all themes. Now Saturn has entered into the sign of Scorpio so we have embarked on a 2 1/2 year voyage of transformation in the realms of hidden power, sexuality, finances, and all things shadow. With Saturn just having entered Scorpio there is great energy available for us to recognize what is real and to see who has their hands on the hidden wheels of power, what needs to be changed and putting the work into the transformation of that power and authority. There is also an equal amount of energy that is going into the effort to retain, stabilize, and increase this power by those who already hold it. Saturn in Scorpio can easily denote a power struggle. In our own lives this marks the beginning of a time where we are likely to see things about ourselves that we have tried to keep hidden. Here is the opportunity to see and acknowledge our own darkness and then begin the process of integrating that energy into our consciousness. When we do this work we make a great deal of misdirected personal power available again and a kind of rebirth of vitality is experienced. As any gardener or farmer knows in order to grow good crops one has to work with and incorporate a fair amount of ....manure. With Saturn in Scorpio there is certainly an invitation to the work of surrendering to transformation process and by doing so the result will be vital new growth. Let's choose to grow rather than trying to control and dominate. Those who have personal planets like Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the first 12 degrees of Scorpio will notice a concentration this year on working to bring something important into manifestation. Those who have those planets in the first 12 degrees of the other fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius may also find themselves powerfully activated but that activation may feel more like it's coming at them from the outside or in the form of particular people in their lives. For the generation of people born in the late 50's and into the 60's Saturn will be making a conjunction to your natal Neptune so there will be a strong emphasis on making some lifelong dream a reality during this period of time. Remember and follow your dreams but get up off the sofa and DO something about it. You'll be glad you did.

The new stories in 2012
Of course the big story of 2012 is the first of 7 exact squares of Pluto and Uranus beginning on June 23. The last time Pluto and Uranus came into an energetic quadrature aspect(conjunction, opposition, or square) was in the mid-60's. This opening square has us revisiting and renewing many of the same revolutionary themes sprouted then but this time there is a crisis of identity involved for us all. What is my part in the revolution? Where have I been the conscious or unconscious advocate of despotism and violent tyranny and where am I called to expose myself to the world as the brilliant revolutionary ready to cooperate with anyone and anything that helps the world to evolve in a peaceful and more sustainable way? There will be plenty of opportunities to rebel and violence is definitely an available or even attractive choice but may only result in the same tyranny under another name. Destruction is an easy path but there is the energy of creation here too. Making the more difficult choice to make repairs or build something new may turn out to be the more productive one.

At the same time this first square is building up there is a big activation in the Human Design chart. Uranus will have progressed from the gate of Innocence in the directional and divine love G or Self Center to the Ajna mind center promising many electric and perhaps shocking insights and revelations of information. Uranus in the Ajna center(gate 17 - Following - who and what are you following and flowing with?) reminds me of the image of Dorothy's dog Toto pulling back the curtain and revealing the man behind the image of the wizard. The Moon's Nodes will move into the 20-34 channel that moves from the Sacral(sexual and creative energy, life-force) to the Throat(manifesting in words or deeds) for 4 full months from mid-April to mid-August. This channel is all about Doing! As individuals we will have a great opportunity to bring many of our plans into fruition(assuming we have a plan. Mars retrograde in Virgo is definitely encouraging us to revise, rethink, and renew our planning and strategy to set us in place for going forward later in the year) The entire world will be hooked up to take action much of it from a pure gut-response. Bringing awareness and consciousness to what we find ourselves busy doing will help to keep us all from going off the tracks. It promises to be one hot, revealing,  reactive and surprising summer around the world!

Neptune, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and the mutability factor
I am encouraged that along with all the reactionary and revolutionary energy abounding this year also includes a big dose of flexible, adaptable, mutable energy. We will have planets making long stays in the mutable signs of  Gemini(Venus from early April to August, Jupiter beginning mid-June through the rest of the year), Virgo(Mars until April 15), and Pisces(Neptune for the next 14 years) asking us to be open to letting things adapt and change rather than becoming rigid and unbending.

 As 2012 begins Mars is retrograde in mutable Virgo until April 15. My favorite image for Mars in Virgo is the Medicine Man. We are all being guided to go within and discern what healing elixir we need for ourselves and what we may have for others. Using the early part of the year to make detailed and practical plans, or revise the ones we already have taking into account the new information being presented puts us on track for conscious progress through the rest of the year. That plan may need continuous adjustments through the year. Automatic pilot is unlikely to get us there.

Venus also makes a long stay in curious, information gathering, shape-shifting and playful Gemini. Venus in Gemini loves to learn new things and represents an attraction to new ideas and people. A busy bee who loves to sample a bit of nectar from as many flowers as possible there is the inclination to information overload. When Venus turns retrograde in Gemini in May it's time to get back in touch with what is truly part of our own big picture and what is just amusing or fearsome distraction. Gathering together and putting forth the attractive new inspirations, ideas, and playful allies will aide our endeavors the rest of 2012 and beyond. Let's talk!

Jupiter moves into Gemini in June and when it does it will also make a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Discovering that you are your own wise guru filled with expansive ideas and insight is an option here but so is giving your power away to some attractive leader who promises the ideal without being able to deliver, escaping into the world of ideas without the need to do anything about any of it, or buying that snake oil that promises to remake your life, body, or relationships without the need to put any work into it. Maybe option 1?

As I sit and write this in early February 2012 Neptune dives fully into Pisces for a 14-year long swim through the ocean of the feeling realm. In Human Design Neptune will be spending almost this entire time in the Solar Plexus emotional center which guarantees that we will be connecting with deep emotion on a collective basis for an extended period of time. The last of the slow, outer planets to change sign over the last several years Neptune in Pisces dreams of compassionate connection to all of life, to something greater than the small and lonely I, to discovering happiness through helping others, to finding our own way through acts of faith though we can not see clearly where they may lead or where we are going. May our inner mystic awaken to see the love amidst the passion play of difference and division and the perfection of being present and available in every moment.

In April I will join Dena DeCastro on her podcast Evolutions of Astrology to discuss the major transits and themes of 2012 in astrology and Human Design and we will flesh this all out more thoroughly. Once we record it the link will appear here.

To me 2012 is a year that is filled with excitement and promise. The end of the Mayan calendar yes but that end is like the odometer on a vehicle. Once you get to the end it all rolls over and begins again. This brings to mind a quote from Shunryu Suzuki: "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities but in the expert's there are few". May we all begin again to see things a new way.

Listen to me talking with Kim Gould about Mars and Venus in the Human Design chart;

History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme
so we are again in Pluto/Uranus time
The fortunes of men and governments tall
risen mighty and high shiver, shatter, and fall
Saturn the goalie, keeper of score and time
declares what once was virtue now is crime
Neptune dreams us and rains from above
asks us to embrace and swim in it all with love

We make up our minds as our minds make us up
wining on ideas while on actions we sup.
Make your recipe from the cookbook of history
or inspiration gleaned from the stars
Tomorrow remains a velvet mystery
today viewed vaguely, obscurely, afar
Tomorrow never comes but only today
Make of it what you will make of it what we may.

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Recently on a trip to the Ecuadoran rainforest I encountered the rare Sapphire Quail Dove. Read the story and see pictures and video

Astrologers, Healers, Shamans, Mystics, and Revolutionaries I know, love and highly recommend:

I have the great pleasure of knowing a number of wonderfully talented and diverse "workers for human progress" and in this section I want to share their names and links to contact them. When I was only 8 I dreamed that I discovered the meaning of life. I found myself in a large college-lecture-class type room with a huge blackboard stretching across the entire front of the room. On it only one small word was written in the center. Cooperation. The antidote to conflict, conquest and empire. By sharing these links to others I am doing a small cooperative bit for all.

Spiritual Counselors/Psychic Counseling;

Connect with your guides, discover your Cosmic Design, encounter the amazing stone of spiritual communication Krybryone, and experience the profound beauty and insight of a reading with Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor Christopher Emmer

Wisdom Intuitive, Sedona AZ Vortex tours, Shamanic Deep Healing Transformation tours, and Sacred Ceremony with Maya Starhawk

Summer Bacon channels the enlightened spirit of Dr. Peebles who speaks with a voice so very welcome in these times. Her website offers many recordings and spiritual teaching materials along with public channeling sessions and private phone sessions with the great Dr. Peebles.

Dr. David Ackerman, The Healer's Healer - Chiropractic Physician, Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Barbara Brennan Healer and Applied Kinesiologist practicing since 1978 and located 20 minutes from Sedona, Arizona.

Benjamin Bernstein, founder of It’s All Good Astrology in Asheville, NC, is an experienced, professionally certified counseling astrologer with a global clientele. He hosts This Week in Astrology, iTunes' #2 astrology podcast, and has lectured at several national astrology conferences.
Benjamin's specialties include shamanic astrology, in which he fine-tunes and invokes the planets' high-side energies into his clients' bodies to create immediate energetic shifts. He is also a shamanic healer who consistently facilitates powerful healings and spiritual awakenings in his clients.
For private sessions, individual or group online astrology instruction and public appearances, Benjamin can be reached at ItsAllGoodAstrology.com, info@ItsAllGoodAstrology.com, 828-658-9073 or 800-461-3569.

Caroline W. Casey is dedicated to encouraging us all to craft a metaphoric key out of lightning, to unlock the constraining societal circle of delusional constraint, (patrolled by the Reality Police in myriad forms), and set it spiraling forth into the play of cultural renaissance dedicated to democratic animism. The Trickster Redeemer within us all is stirring. Cataclysm sprouts the seeds of Trickster "Indigenuity!" (term coined by Native American Curtis Catawba.) Trickster Medicine = the sine qua non, because it brews all the others into an effective elixir; encourages us all to move our emotional default setting to "woof-woof wanna play?!"
         Great late ally, Native American cultural leader Vine De Loria said, "Today, I meet many many spiritual activists who are very very serious.....about themselves. We in AIM were dedicated to the issues, but always playful, among ourselves, especially if anyone started to get "important." "Woof-Woof...Visionary Activist Radio Shows, astrological readings, Mythological News reports, Trickster Training Councils - and more!
          Especially grateful to new, ancient ally Hal Bahr, wise, generous Green Man emissary for the Sapphire Quail Dove, that we may all mend our broken treaties and act in concert with Nature - the only completely reliable Teacher. Let metaphor be the incarnational garb whereby power enters the world, and all mythic figures metaphoric animations of intrinsic Intelligence in Nature...Further woof-woof!

- a note from Hal about Caroline: Caroline is the voice that woke me in my adult life to dive back into the lucid depths of astrology and continues to inspire and inform my own use of language and metaphor. An astrological reading from Caroline is a unique and liberating journey into the mythic archetype and metaphor of your astrological chart. Listening to her Visionary Activist Radio Show on KPFA.org, attending one of her personal appearances at various nation-wide venues, or joining her Compassionate Trickster Experimental JuJu Mystery School
for it's weekly collaborative phone calls and occasional gatherings is a primer for the ongoing evolutionary experiment in inviting in what we desire to see made manifest without the finger-wagging, demands, or snark so present in the modern dialog. Any interaction with Caroline is sure to be  memorable, inspirational, and very skookum.

Dena DeCastro is a counseling astrologer, teacher, writer and has her own podcast Evolutions of Astrology. She provides readings, ongoing counseling, and private instruction in astrology

Mayan Astrology
Clare Coriell - Star of Wisdom - A Light for your Soul's Journey
Mayan and Soul Path Astrology - discover your true Soul purpose and the spiritual gifts you bring to your world. Receive guidance on the right spiritual path for you, discover what your soul needs in relationship, and get answers to questions about your work and health. A unique combination of Galactic Astrology from the Mayan Calendar system and Spiritual and Western Astrology charts. Clare also weaves in her 30 years experience in healing modalities, teaching meditation, and intuitive counseling to guide you on your soul's life journey with grace and ease. 

See Clare's website to check out her personalized Meditation Sessions, Somato-emotional and Energy healing work,unique triple-spiral Mayan-Astrological Calendars, inspirational and meditation CDs, and more -
Or email
clare@starofwisdom.com to set up your Soul Path Astrology individual or couple reading today.

Lyssa Royal Holt holds a B.A. in psychology and through this study developed an interest in hypnosis. While in college in the early 1980s, she acquired the ability to put herself in a hypnotic state for the purpose of stress management. It was then that she discovered her natural intuitive abilities.

In 1979 Lyssa had a remarkable UFO sighting witnessed by her family, followed by a series of sightings and contacts in the 1980s while living in Los Angeles. These experiences triggered a profound interest in the nature of extraterrestrial consciousness. Her interest in hypnosis, extraterrestrial consciousness, and spirituality eventually led her to the development of her unique channeling abilities. After receiving a message in a dream that she was to become a channel, and shortly thereafter beginning to spontaneously channel, she trained extensively to become the clearest channel she could become.

Since 1985 Lyssa has given seminars and sacred site tours for thousands around the world. She is the author of several books including Millennium: Tools for the Coming Changes, Preparing for Contact, Visitors from Within, and The Prism of Lyra. Lyssa has appeared on numerous television and radio shows internationally, the most recent of which was a special produced by the Discovery Channel that is currently airing worldwide and an episode of Paranormal Matrix called Making Contact.

 She is also a certified teacher of Taoist and Hatha yoga and continues to write and travel around the world. She has found that her extensive yoga training dovetails nicely with both her channeling work and her contact research. Though her work may range from ancient civilizations to yoga to inner spirituality to extraterrestrial consciousness, the practical applications of her work remain the utmost priority. She lives in Arizona, USA with her husband Ronald Holt. www.lyssaroyal.com.

Conference Calls for Women
Denise Ross is committed to connecting women all over the world and providing an avenue for women to share their work and to honor our collective wisdom. She is accomplishing this through the facilitation of conference calls for the empowerment of women. Her website is WisdomCallsOne.com and her live Sunday conference calls are always free. Widsom is offered on a wide variety of subjects to empower, educate and support women...you will hear speakers discuss various healing modalities, give spiritual inspiration, empowering support about our beautiful bodies, numerology, channeling & intuition, women & business, and a free monthly astrology series. Collaborations include the Women's Wisdom Film Series bringing widsom and self-inquiry through the use of film.   

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