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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a means to see our energy flow revealed. It is a synthesis system channeled through in the 1980's.  It fuses Astrology, the branches of the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah,  the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching, and Chakra energy centers to create the Bodygraph image that is a snapshot of our DNA and energetic signature.

Human Design can identify where we can focus  in our bodies to connect to our inner truth, how our different energy centers are operating and how they are connected, and what issues and themes we are taking on in this lifetime. We can look at our unconscious side and see themes of reconstruction and improvement going on that we may not be very aware of.  We can also look at the conscious side of our chart and identify what conscious agreements we have made to work with in this lifetime. Once we learn our own chart it can then be a very powerful tool to understand the people around us and the effect we have on each other. This can be especially helpful for parents learning about how best to support their children and understanding our close relationships.

Human Design is a young system and still evolving. I was taught the system by  wonderful teachers, Chetan Parkyn and Zeno Dicksen.  I am also integrating my own research along with new channeled material I am working on bringing through with my friend, Christopher Emmer, a highly gifted Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Intuitive Channel.

A Human Design reading can bring great understanding about your energy type and ways to achieve success.   It is also a powerful tool in looking at relationships whether romantic, business,  friendship, or family and can shine a bright light on both hidden issues and potentials.  It can also give some understanding to current themes and learning processes continuing throughout life.

Here is the one book I would recommend for those wishing to learn more about the system on their own written by my teacher Chetan Parkyn.

Manifestor   Generator      Projector Manifesting Generator  Reflector
Hexagram numbers and lines
Inner Truth
Solar Plexus      Sacral    Spleen
Heart           Self    ???

What does it all mean?

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