We are all on a soul journey looking for signs along the way
Soul Journey Design
Astrological, Intuitive, and Human Design counseling with Hal BahrC.A.P.
We are all journeying through this life searching for fulfilling work, more healthy relationships, greater material success, spiritual enlightenment, our life purpose, inner truth and more.  Searching for a way to better navigate the turbulence of our voyage and find the right timing for our endeavors as well as getting a taste of what might lie ahead.  Through the practical application of Astrology, Intuition and Human Design I will work with you to answer those questions and find deeper personal clarity into yourself and those who are important to you, strengthen your connection to your own inner truth, discover greater ease and success right now and through the changing seasons of time.

I know we can use every choice, every experience, every personal interaction and insight to learn with the understanding there are no mistakes.  Then use what we've learned to strip away the unnecessary layers allowing ourselves to become authentic.  This is where we become powerful, enlightened and a strong force for positive change in the world.  Our only real job assignment is to become the most "ourself" we can possibly be.  Each one of us is a unique, crucially important, hoped-for answer to a question that was posed at the moment of our birth.  This is our foundation.  When we come back to ourselves we embody that energy, are that answer and we influence and affect all who come into contact with us fulfilling our purpose.  Connecting back to our natural energy signature and rhythm puts us back in harmony with the energetic flow of the universe removing obstacles opening the way to greater freedom and peace.  The practical insights and clarity that my experience with Astrology and Human Design provide along with my naturally-designed ability to be intuitively responsive to each person's greatest needs, questions and assets are powerful tools to assist anyone in making that connection. It's my joy and purpose to do so.

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"  - Oscar Wilde
What my clients are saying:

"Hal conveys information in a practical, constructive and honest manner. I deeply appreciate and respect his integrity, intelligence, insight and sense of humor. Hal brings a rich and unique combination of skills to his sessions. I highly value the work I have done with him."           Cathey Baier
- New York City, NY

"I've been seeking life balance via the wisdom of astrologers from many places and states since the mid 60's... You are BY FAR the most astute, detailed, in depth, profound astrologer with whom I've ever worked. 

You have a wonderful, positive manner of being able to share your discoveries in readings, albeit whether all disclosures are what you want to hear about yourself or not! Your own sense of presentation is assuring that overall,"all is well!".:)

Furthermore, the additional study you provide with the Human Design is amazing...., it has positively shifted my daily life purpose and living perspectives. Your wonderful, robust, full laughter in itself, is a reason anybody could enjoy working with you!"         Esther Bower - Bowling Green, KY

"What an amazing life experience to have a consultation with Hal Bahr.   I have  had other astrology readings before but none with the specifics and clarity that the human design system with astrology provided.  I was never lost in concepts about planetary specifics but rather understood the role and purpose of my year ahead in detail.   The information about our lives is in the sky and we only need to look to a qualified astrologer like Hal Bahr to understand the phrase "As above, So below"    He is a skilled compassionate teacher and guide." 
L. Roemer Ph.D - Sedona, AZ

"I have long been a seeker.  Astrology is a natural medium by which I am guided and encouraged.  Knowing there is, and always was from the time of my birth, a plan that makes perfect sense is comforting.  Who I am.  What I'm about.  What's going on.  Where life is leading.  What life is teaching.  I knew I was destined to work with Hal from our first meeting.  I knew he would be an excellent astrologer.  His intellect is superbly reflected in his readings.  What I did not expect was how much Hal's intuition would be as much a part of the reading as the charts themselves.  In addition to being an astrologer extraordinaire, Hal is a natural intuitive.  Adding his insights about me into the astrology readings made me become quickly loyal and trusting with Hal. 
Beyond astrology, we have worked on my Human Design chart.  Again, I was taken to new heights of understanding myself and my purpose.  This was very new territory for me.  Einstein said, "learn to simplify a complicated matter."  Hal is a wonderfully sensitive and effective teacher.  He made this material understandable and useful to me. Destiny played a role in my meeting Hal.  I am grateful.  This seeker highly recommends Hal Bahr as an astrologer, intuitive and teacher."   Ahshua Sea - Bowling Green, KY

"Hal has given me very profound and accurate information through Astrology, Human Design and his ability as an Intuitive, that has had incredible impact in my life.  He is authentic and a true blessing for anyone to have the opportunity to experience his work.  I highly recommend Hal, you will not be disappointed!" 
Maya Starhawk - Sedona, AZ

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